Pinterest Project: Vanilla Cake With Strawberry Cream Cheese Frosting (Gluten-Free)

My mom has been 100% gluten free for years.  It’s been both a blessing and a huge frustration for her.  On the one hand, if she doesn’t eat gluten, she doesn’t hurt and she doesn’t have any of the issues that tend to be exacerbated by her Celiac Disease.  On the other hand, she feels like she is missing out on yummy foods and has a lot of trouble finding good substitutions.

About a week and a half ago, Pinterest lead me to this blog.  I drooled over the pictures and decided that I needed to find an excuse to attempt this cake.  Everything about this cake screams “SPRING!!” and I thought it would be perfect for Easter.

I immediately decided against using the cake recipe on the blog.  (For now anyway, maybe another time.)  Not too long ago, Betty Croker came out with a line of gluten free mixes so I went with the yellow/vanilla cake mix.  Gluten free cake mixes are much smaller than normal cake mixes, so I bought 2 boxes.

Since this was my first time I had ever used these cake mixes, I read the back of the box to see what else I would need.  The box specified gluten-free vanilla.

I FREAKED out.  Oh my gosh!!  Have I been feeding my mother gluten-laced vanilla when I’ve made dishes for holidays??  Apparently not.  Every box of vanilla extract I could find in the store specified that it was gluten-free.  Thanks for the unnecessary heart attack, Betty Crocker.  Sheesh.

1 box for each 9 inch pan.

They both came out with strange peaks.

Once the cakes were out of the oven I decided to move on to the frosting.  Not paying the least bit attention that it was step number 1 in the original blog.  I made the mistake of going into it by thinking “Pshaw.  How hard can it be to make frosting.”  Not hard so much as it is time consuming, especially when I didn’t allow time for the butter and cream cheese to get to room temperature.  A mistake I will not make again.

It seemed like a lot of ingredients, but I figured it would be better to make too much and have to toss some out than to have too little.

16 oz cream cheese
2 sticks unsalted butter
4 cups powdered sugar
½ cup strawberry jam (which, I was relieved to discover, is gluten-free)
¾ cup heaving whipping cream

About halfway through the frosting making process I had a small taste.  Expecting it to taste like total failure, I was pleasantly surprised and Kenny heard me gasp and exclaim “Oh my gosh!!  I just made cream cheese frosting!!!”

Once you get the first 4 ingredients mixed together you’re supposed to beat the heaving whipping cream until peaks form.  My KitchenAid mixer was busy with the rest of the frosting ingredients so I had to do this by hand. Having seen this done on tv I was under no impression that I would be able to accomplish this.  However, I gave it everything I had and eventually…a peak!!

A peak has formed!! Otherwise known as “Proof of Joy’s awesomeness!!”

I finished mixing it all together and stuck it in the freezer to speed along the chilling process.  While I waited I sliced a big bowl of strawberries.

Eventually it was time to ice the cake.  I debated between leaving the 2 layers as is or cutting them in half as suggested in the original blog.  In the end I decided to cut them in half and go with 4 layers.

Bottom layer.

I forgot to take a picture of the 3rd layer.

Once I got the top layer on it was time to finish icing the cake.  It didn’t end up as pretty as the original picture, especially since the icing was starting to melt a little.  But considering that this is the first cake I’ve iced EVER, it’s not so bad!!

I’m glad I used all of the icing ingredients.  I did have some left over that I had to toss out, but if I had cut the recipe in half like I was originally thinking I wouldn’t have had enough.

My family came over today and the cake was a huge hit.  In fact, Kenny made a point to mention that I was the only one who didn’t clean my plate.  Lol.  I guess I was just too full from lunch.

It's never as pretty as it is on the internet. But pretty doesn't really matter as long as it's yummy!!


One thought on “Pinterest Project: Vanilla Cake With Strawberry Cream Cheese Frosting (Gluten-Free)

  1. Hi Joy
    I read your blog when I see posts that sound interesting come across on Facebook…Today I was reading an earlier post when I saw this one one. Robert too has gluten intolerance and cooking for him has become quite a challenge. ANY further advice you can share would be very welcome.

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